Hot Spot 1 Testy Chomikuj Module 4 Homework



Gold ExperieNce

Gold Experience B2 Components

Gold Experience 

 B2 is ideal for teenagers at upper-intermediate level in general English classes and those who are working towards the Cambridge First (FCE) for Schools examination.

Students’ Book

The twelve topic-based units offer thorough input and practice of reading, writing, listening and speaking skills, with topic vocabulary and grammar presented in situations which exemplify the meaning and use.There are many opportunities for students to share their ideas, opinions and knowledge of the world. Lessons start with a

Power Up

 activity which is designed to activate students’ existing knowledge and stimulate their interest in the topic.Learner training is an important aspect of

Gold Experience 





 tips give clear, simple advice on how students can develop their language and exam skills.

Word XP

 boxes highlight aspects of lexis, for example, collocation and forming nouns from verbs, so students develop good vocabulary-learning strategies.Each unit in

Gold Experience 

 has a


 clip either from TV or filmed especially for the course. The TV clips are fully integrated with the main reading text, while the other clips show teenagers involved in topic-based tasks, activities and mini-dramas that students use as a basis for project work. After every unit there is a


 page which reinforces the vocabulary and grammar students have learnt.

eText for students

eText is the students’ online or tablet component which contains the Students’ Book pages with integrated links to audio, video and games.


The Workbook offers practice of all the vocabulary and grammar areas taught in the Students’ Book and is suitable for both classroom self-study and homework.


Gold Experience 

 MyEnglishLab includes all the Workbook exercises in interactive format along with additional reading, writing, listening and speaking skills, as well as practice and review tests. With instantly graded activities plus tips and feedback, students are supported and guided to successfully complete the exercises. Also on

Gold Experience 

 MyEnglishLab are the Students’ Book video and audio.

Teacher’s Online Resource Materials

 All the support a busy teacher needs is available online on the Pearson Portal or through your local Pearson rep.

Teaching notes with a wealth of additional classroom ideas, integrated answer keys and audio scripts

Photocopiable worksheets

Unit, mid- and end-of-year tests

eText for teachers

eText for teachers is a digital component for classroom use on an interactive whiteboard. Available online or on disk, it contains the Students’ Book in digital format with links to audio, video, games and the Teacher’s Online Resource Materials.

MyEnglishLab for teachers

The teacher view of MyEnglishLab gives you a full learning management system with a range of practical, problem-solving teaching tools.

 You can assign tasks to the whole class, groups or individual students depending on their needs.

The communication tools allow you to send messages to your students and, if you wish, keep in contact outside of class.

The gradebook lets you see how individual students and the whole class are progressing.

The common error report enables you to see which problems are the most common and which of your students are making these mistakes. With this information, you can focus classroom time on the areas that need the most work.

The review tests can be assigned at the time that suits  your teaching programme.

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